Google Analytics – Best Practice for Android

Google Analytics – Best Practice for Android

In this article, I dive deep into how I set up multiple Google Analytics trackers and most importantly, how I keep organized with what data I’m collecting.  Recently I have been more involved with statistical data, focusing on user flow and interaction.  Tracking one or two elements can be very clear on how to setup the […]

Float Frame Layout Example

Android App Polishing – FloatFrameLayout is a Simple way to Polish Android Apps

A couple of weeks ago, Chril Mottier posted some neat animation examples on how he polished his current Android project Capitaine Train.  A little after this Chris Banes shared a gist with example code on how to do this exact effect.  Apparently this is Chril’s code but for some odd reason he couldn’t share it?   […]

Big Picture Expandable Notifications for Android

Expandable Notifications for Android – Examples and Source

Expandable Notifications Jelly Bean we not have the ability to provide more functionality such as expandable notifications and actions buttons.  We can use the rich styles provided or even create our own custom style for our expandable notifications.  This gives us the flexibility in both size and layout to create the perfect expandable notifications. NotificationManager […]